Fortune Teller


I’ve basted this cake
With chocolate Nutella
with two long stray hairs
From a fortune teller
He’ll tell you your fortune with the leaves from your tea
As hot tea and cake
Go together comfortably.
A handsome fine stranger
Will knock at your door
Demanding baked treats
Baked at gas mark 4
He’ll ask that his tea
be poured from a tea vessel
He’ll bring his own flying saucer
and mortar and pestle
and he’ll grind now your tea
and you’ll eat now his words
engrained in your cake
slurred now and blurred
you’ll digest now his wisdom
you’ll slurp now his sense

and have a good ponder at the world
and at the population that is quite quite dense………….

this is currently in development. Coming soon to this poem a tea towel, a hoover and some topiary.

I made a Nigella Devils Chocolate Cake today- but the sponge still wasn’t as nice as the one Raphael did make last week.

Oh No!!! It sounds like it is being played through someones sock!!! This should sound sparklingly brilliantNaughty Mastodon failing through the naughty speakers. I feel and sense an upgrading


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