The Kingfisher and the Magpie

We walked up the canal
dodging all dog doo
and spied a fish (Yes Really)
In the mouth of a kingfisher.
Can you make a wish on this bird
if you’ve just trod in a dog turd?
Apparently both can be lucky
‘But can both lucks cancel each other out?’
I asked a duck of no particular importance.
To make matters even more complicated,
the Kingfisher was being chased by a Magpie.
Confusion of superstitions
has sent me on a mission
to find out what happens when all do collide
as my inner calm is leaving my inner inside.
Could sorrow reach us by tomorrow?

I will borrow the luck from the bird and turd,

my blue Bird King with his sparkly blue bling.
I’ll hold my nose from the fresh trodden on poo rose
that wafts with each right step.
The left is safe- but I dare not hop
just in case I fall in the waterway of slop.
Never push ones luck
in the company of ducks.
I salute you Mr Magpie
I’m glad you didn’t snatch
the gleaming and glorious Kingfisher’s catch.

© Catherine Crosswell


Still Pondering

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