Window 17 on the 17th December (early one)

Tie Cheese
Gotta get some
Blue Ribbon
Brie string
A Gorgonzola gathering
A Stilton sellatape
A Camembert embrace
A Wensleydale woggle
for that biscuity taste
A chuffing cheddar
A trucking truckle
An Edam that happens to be ‘made’ in a muddle.
Stick in a plastic container,
wrap all in clingfilm,
In a sandwich bag,
with sell by date tags.
Cover in foil
Continue to give a rind bind and a toil
in a plastic lidded container
In a cool cool satchel
(think of Nicholas Witchell because you just have to!!
AND the fact he is the Saint of Cheeeeeeeeeese!!
smile please
Stick in the fridge
on a shelf
by itself
Bury fridge in the ground
After you gaffa’d round the seal
And STill your Christmas cheese, it will pong and  it will reek
and unwrapping it all will take most of  the Christmas after week

© Catherine Crosswell

Cheese is only Christmassy if you add a grape and increase the/in size

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