Window 16 on the 16th December

Gingerbread biscuits
with a make and do
100g butter or spread or the like
4 tablespoons of syrup served with a pre warmed metal spoon
half black treacle/ half golden
when that’s all you can get your hands on-
THEY won’t be expecting the moon!
175g of brown sugar
(to be fairer, I used some demerara)
Put these all into a pan and gently heat,
then Cool down slightly -add an egg that is beat.
Put your worries aside as well as this sweet goo.
Meanwhile with a smile
And a light chuckle too
Tie up your hair
Long hairs in biscuits tend not to do
and can be hard to chew and digest
particularly ones from a hairy chest!

Sieve 350g of plain flour
1 teaspoon of bicarbwhich I couldn’t find
so made do with baking powder for the grand oven ride
2 teaspoons of ginger
I think that is so
Bind all now together
Knead in to a dough
Roll out onto floured board
Cut into Christmas shapes
Dolphins and Reindeers
and angel mistakes.
Place onto baking sheets
while casually aloof
with magic paper sheets of the greaseproof
with a gas mark 5 tweak
(or 190 degrees if your oven is that way inclined)
Take out and cool after 10 minutes or 9
Cool and voila!!
Kisses and Mwahs!!!
Tis decoration or devouring time.
© Catherine Crosswell

We still have snow. Do you?? 


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