Window 14 of Poetical Advent Calendar

This window has some common sense
Some common courtesy
With a cutsie curtsey and a bow
All is plain for all to see.
But scratch away like a scratchy card
This window is niave!!
Eyes ogling for 3 the same
To hit the jackpot dream.
It isn’t thrifty either
It’s on a ludicrous monthly plan
With an APR to make you wince
And shock even your Nan
‘Not in my day’ she would say
as she took your fruit to weigh
and bagged up the Satsuma and 2 nuts
to tickle your extra sensitive guts
on xmas morn with a stretch and a yawn
before you launch into christmas luncheon
with the entire Swiss family Christmas buncheon
Access to excess
Access to Excess
Access to EXCESS
Sing along now!!
5 gold rings
4 credit cards
3 overdrafts
2 missing payments (or is it more???)
and bailiff in a bay leaf tree
(Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae)

© Catherine Crosswell

Baileys is present and correct

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