Window 11 on the 11th of December

Selection packs on the attack
With all the extra packaging
And smaller bars from the land of Mars
Hardly very satisfying!
A tease of a malteaser
An Mmmm of an M+M
A twigger of twix
When there’s only one of them
A flicker of a snicker
OW!! The marathon did Smart!
A rip of a tiny ripple
when you ripped right through my heart.
A hankering for the lost Woolies
righted handed pic and mix,
a terry’s chocolate orange
for that segmented seductive fix,
Toffifees in packs of 15,
Ferrero Rocher? Just one more
With the sugar mouse expecting dust
and twelve mint candy canes to ignore.

A shower of golden coins

to last you right through June.
The sweetie whistle sold at the chemist
to whistle the lovely sugary crimble tune.
Altogether now!!
(Use notes of the Christmas tree or How green you are?)
Oh fill my stocking
Oh fill it up
With treats and sweets
To cram and suck.

© Catherine Crosswell

Don’t put blu tack in your belly button

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