Window 9 on the 9th of December

Three wise men
Getting in the mood
One with a beard
To give to the dude
One with a ferrero rocher in a golden shiny foil
the other brought a bottle of extra EXTRA virgin olive oil
Their back up present presents were on the main camel channel
(Twice humpy elephant donkey spitting Starwars like mammal)

Do dooo do do do do do do -do dooo do doooooooo
Keep out of the black, and in the red; there’s nothing in this game for two in a bed……
In one! A teddy bear for lovely cuddles
In Two!! A pack of terrys to soak up all the puddles
In three!!! A plastic squeaky carpenter set
(They’d sold out of the bestseller
‘Barbie and the Vet’)
AND Bullies special Star prize…..
A splendid motor home
More comfy than a stable
Comes with his and hers garden gnomes
Oooohs and arghs from angels 
and shepherd flocked applause
Will they won’t they attempt a triple 20 score!!??
We were frozen still -we were Jabberwockey
As 3 wise men approached the oche
They relaxed, they had style
But every dart pinged out
Smashin Great Super!
Like it was rigged with a visiting fairground doubt.
Oh well!! They couldn’t throw the required 101
And so left with 3 glass tankards
And their memories of what a fun day they’d had.

© Catherine Crosswell

Time to chop veg

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