Window 8 on the 8th of December


Christmas pud
With shiny sixpence
Better scoff the lot
To go the distance
And claim the wish
The wishful pittance
And quit this penance
After much patience
For figgy deliverance
Glace cherried hindrance
Orange peeled grievance
In cakey substance
Seeped Spiced fragrance
Stodgy reverence
Brandy butterence
Dessertful perseverance
Spoonful temperance.

Silence the science

Apply the appliance
And be lucky
In love and desserts!!
Tis no meant feat
In the world of sweetmeats
So put it in
in the first instance


It’s bin day tomorrow

© Catherine Crosswell 


3 responses »

  1. Wicked!
    Do they say that anymore?
    And who are “They” anyway?
    are the lucky ones
    ALWAYS win
    I've never won a sixpence
    or anything else
    Other than a holiday for 10
    to the Algarve
    that I gave away!?
    didn't bring me back
    a bottle of plonk
    or even send a postcard.
    Seems foolish now
    But back then all I could think
    was how much I hated Portugal!?

  2. I once came third
    in a drawing competition.
    I don't count it,
    as I was on drugs
    when I painted it.
    chose to place me.
    gave me a book token
    The needs of the wishers outweighs the need of the wishes or the wish.
    A birthday cake and a star is usually the safest
    method for sneaking a wish that
    can't touch.
    I have purchased my sixpence and intend to cram and claim.

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