How Things Are



Four things are true

For things are not!

Yesterday at school (as today it is striking)

My daughter is writing

An enlightening story called the Fox Rabbit.

Suddenly, in a pizza shop,

We discover……….. duh duh duuuuuh (3 chord change)

That the Rabbit next door

Has had it’s head removed by a Fox

on the rabbits owners 50th birthday.

On his Burfday!!!

This fox then ran out onto the road with his prize

and was struck by an Orion car right between the eyes

This car happened then to fall off a Malvern hill

I think that the owner might have been feeling a little ill

(too many bubbles- too much CAVA!!!)

This hill then collapsed into leftover lava

and the lava did choose to drip and ooze

through earths atmosphere and toward Mars and its War

straight through the nougaty chewy caramel core

Bypassing stormy brewy Jupiter

adding a new raw ring to Saturn

in the pattern of a pair of ENORMOUS white bunny ears

AND if you squint very hard and imagine very tight

You can now also see the faint outline

of a bushy tail swishing

with your Patrick Moore magnified telescope of sight.

An Astronomers delight!

An Astrologers frRRRrright!

This ‘Fox Rabbit’ chain reaction

reminds us to be wary of our day to day actions

on Wednesdays- all days and






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