Welcome to my Blog. Cake is is on the mind! Thunder is also on the mind- but haven’t seen a flash yet…….. so really can’t be sure how near it is too my cakey sponge head.
I fiendishly ate a Fiendish Fancy earlier (a Mr Kipling bright orange seasonal sickly treat) and now have a cakey headache. There are 4 left.

Here is the poem that helped me to finally start this blog.

Don’t you just start baking

When your heart starts aching
The scone is gone
Atone with the scone!!
Cupcake came creeping with a crawling of icing
Spiralling out of control
No cakey sponge must meet the eye
Or one could culinarilly die
So pat it, Prick it and skewer it with farce
that’ll narcistically last
till the next fairy cake
coz that’s what they really are
overdressed sponges with a blanket of sugary paste
whipped and spanked up with no extra waste
enforced into cases that are pretty that are crimped
an 80’s disaster a b movie gimp
always look better than what they really are
inferior interior
would have preferred a madeira
instead of dolly and her mixture
with jelly tot, smartie fixtures
except they often BLEEEEEEEEEED
so they looked pre-sucked decaaAAAaayed
And you’ll end up being dismayed
With your CupCake FAIL
Wishing you’d adhered too stuck on in a frenzy
Hundreds and thousands
They used to sell those in John Menzies
Better still play safe
Find a cakey wife wafe
Or a mafe or
is it a milf?
Amongst the cakey wakey filth
That rubs in butter or cream creating
the , 6-6-6 DRream
the Victoria supreme
scoff your face
with my fondant taste!
Devils food, choux, bun, éclair
Dundee, saffron, fruity fare
Angel, lemon, coffee, rock
Fill the void
With cake not c**k
Lardy sweetness
Carrot , fudge
All go in give them a nudge
And fill your cake ole
To the brim
Listen to all your cakey whims
And bake till you ache
A Malvernous Hillock of CAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKE!!!

©  Catherine Crosswell 


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